Gardien PolyWeb landscape fabric is a spun and press bonded, non-woven landscape fabric that is made from polyester and helps to decrease maintenance in gardens and landscapes. Gardien PolyWeb landscape fabric is available in 4 grades, ranging from a 5 year to 20 year warranty, and multitudes of available sizes, allowing gardeners to choose the type and size of fabric that best suits their needs. Unlike standard fabrics, with Gardien PolyWeb, there is no trade-off between water / air permeability and durability / weed protection. While you go up in the grade of fabric, the fabric durability and weed control increases, but even the highest grade of PolyWeb has tremendous air and water permeability for healthy plants. Gardien Polyweb landscape fabric has a unique and exclusive manufacturing process giving an embossed type look, that not only looks new and different, but also serves a specific function in the specially designed shape to provide even more tear resistance. In addition to all of these features, the polyester raw material also inherently has far better UV resistance providing a longer useful life of the fabric without UV degredation.