Gardien DuraWeb landscape fabric is a spun bond, non-woven landscape fabric that is made from polypropylene and helps to decrease maintenance in gardens and landscapes by helping to control weeds and erosion. The Gardien DuraWeb landscape fabric differs from other standard fabrics in that there is no trade-off between water / air permeability and durability / weed protection. Our exclusive manufacturing process elongates the polypropylene fibers, changing the molecular composition, and the non point bonded extrusion enhances the fiber integrity and spacing. This translates into both superior strength and permeability compared to all standard landscape fabric. It is the best overall choice for gardeners, with better water and air permeability for healthier plants then lower warranty standard fabrics and also higher durability and weed control then higher warranty standard fabrics. It is available in a wide range of standard widths and lengths, allowing gardeners to choose the appropriate size of fabric to suit their needs.